Our 5 House Cats

What it's like raising 5 cats in a house

Finally getting fleas under control

It has been an uphill battle, but we are finally getting the flea problem under control. The cats are starting to play on the floor again. And they will chase the ‘Red Dot’. They are even starting to lay down on the floor to take a catnap.     To Continue From Our Last Post The flea collars still don’t seem to work. But in all fairness, it was a.. Read More

Flea infestation after all of the rain

If you have been watching the news, you know that Texas has gotten a lot of rain lately. And with all of the rain, the little critters, known as fleas, have decided that they want to be dry also. So we have been overrun with the little boogers. Even though our cats haven’t been outside, they are being infested with them. And they are even biting Mimi’s ankles (because she.. Read More

We have the some sleepy kittens

Naptime in Mimi's Chair

With the start of the new posting schedule of the first Tuesday of the month, there will be a new writing format also. The articles will be written more like a series of journal entries on days that something interesting happened. Since this is the first one, there won’t be much here. Lately the kittens have decided to start being finicky about their food. When it was getting low, I.. Read More

New stories are running low

Since the kittens turned one year old the first of this month, I am running out of things to blog about. The day-to-day life of our five cats is boring to most people. It even gets monotonous to us. And I don’t want to bore all of you. Besides, the blog isn’t getting many viewers. And I have been writing for 7 blogs. I need to concentrate on the blogs.. Read More

Skreech, the Assistant House Spouse

Skreech in the bathroom sink

This is about Skreech, the other ginger male cat. Skreech is the Assistant House Spouse. He has to help Daddy with the household chores. This will be the last of the spotlight articles.     Skreech Has Always Made Noise He got his name because he was always crying out. And one of Mimi’s favorite shows was Saved By The Bell. And there was a character named Skreech on there… Read More

Cecil, the laid-back biter

Cecil is one of the two ginger male cats. He is a lover, but if you don’t love him back, he will nibble on a knuckle or finger.     Cecil Has Always Been Easy-going And Laid-back When he was little we were going to name him Cinnamon until we determined he was male. We decided that he would require a more masculine name. So we started going over name.. Read More

Simba, the problem child

Head shot of Simba

When I asked Mimi what we should name the black kitten she said Simba. Don’t know how she arrived at that name, but it has stuck.     Simba Has Always Been The Smallest Male We have wondered if Simba is always going to be the smallest male kitten. Ever since they started walking and running around the house, we have had to look out for Simba. He was smaller.. Read More

Ruru, the only female kitten

Ruru in the Top Bunk

Ruru is an usual name, but the significance comes from another cat we had. She was the only female kitten of Haley’s original 5.     How Ruru Got Her Name We had an outside Momma cat called Reese because her colors reminded Mimi of a Reese’s Pieces. Over time Reese became known as ReesaRoo. When Mimi saw Ruru, she automatically thought of Reese. So our little tortoise-shell colored kitten.. Read More

Our Queen Haley Marie

My Baby Girl Haley Marie

Haley was always the runt of the litter and Mimi’s favorite. She has adapted to being an indoor cat, but still misses the outside.   Our Little Girl Has Grown Up It’s hard to remember Haley as a kitten without pictures. I reread my old blog, ‘A Tale of 3 Orphan Kitties‘ and see her pictures and in the article about her. It brings back many memories and I have.. Read More

Time to finish the other cat tree

I can’t even sit down in my chair without at least one cat jumping in my lap Normally Haley or Skreech has to be in my lap.. If I’m not in my chair, one of the cats is. So I can’t just plop into the chair. I have to look first.   I’m Tired Of Being The Official Catnapping Spot Normally there are at least 2 cats that want to.. Read More