Is Blogging for You?

Tips on starting and maintaining blogs

My apology

It has been a long time since I have posted in this or any of my other blogs. I apologize if you had been following my posts. It seems that there was almost no one following any of my blogs. I was spending 2 hours minimum per day trying to write and maintain 8 public websites and 5 private sites. Needless to say, I became very discouraged.   So I.. Read More

LinkedIn changes since Microsoft merger

After reading many articles about the merger between LinkedIn and Microsoft, they all agree that we don’t know yet what will change. But they all agree that there will be some changes, not all will be good. There are many speculations about why the merger happened. And many are  saying that there will be integrations of data with other Microsoft programs. But it will be hard since LinkedIn is to.. Read More

Taking 2 week hiatus from blogging

Since there is a  lack of viewers and followers for this blog, I think that at least a 2 week hiatus is needed. During this time I will be looking at whether or not to continue this blog.     Hiatus Reason None of my blog posts are being seen by more than 2-3 people other than myself according to the analytics. With 2-6 hours of research, writing and editing for each blog, that.. Read More

Does blogging get in the way of life?

Does your blogging get in the way of your life? Or is your life getting in the way of your blogging? I guess it depends on your point of view. Hopefully you think like I do, that blogging gets in the way of life. The past couple of days I have had to put my life before my blogging. If you follow my blog about our 5 cats, you saw.. Read More

Twitter changes

Have you noticed any changes to the way Twitter is working? Are you posting your blogs to Twitter? Some of the Twitter changes are worth noting and using. Lately Twitter has been changing the way that it does some things. They have also started sending me emails about ways to increase my business presence in three ways. I personally don’t use Twitter as much as I do Facebook. But with.. Read More

Turn boring into interesting

Is you blogging subject boring? Is your niche about your business? Or is it a ;ess popular subject? No matter what the reason, if it is boring you can still turn it into something interesting if you want to try. Many different businesses are not very interesting, but are necessary in the world. You can turn it around and get people interested in what you are saying. It isn’t real.. Read More

What is the purpose of your blog?

You have a blog. Do you know the purpose for your blog? Or do you even have a purpose for blogging? Some people blog just because they like to blog and share their life on-line with anyone that might benefit from the circumstances that they have been through. Others are in the business of trying to make a living with their blog. And some are just trying to teach others some.. Read More

Ways to improve your content

OK. You have started your blog and you have content. But you still don’t get many viewers and no shares or likes. And you don’t get any comments either. What do you improve to get more traction and ranking? Having plenty of content isn’t the only part of blogging. Look at my blogs. I faithfully create and share content on each of 4 blogs and occasionally on 3 others. But.. Read More

Use storytelling to full advantage

When you write your blog post, do you use storytelling? Or are you just giving out facts and opinions? Storytelling can have a great impact on how people read your blog post or if they even read it. Telling stories can help to keep a dull and boring subject interesting. Let people know how you overcame similar problems as you are relating in the article. Make it personal to draw.. Read More

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