A Tale of 3 Orphan Kitties

The saga of 3 little kittens without a Mama Cat

Requests for update on the kittens

I have received some requests for updates about the kittens and cats. So here we go. November 2014 was a sad month During November Cloud disappeared. About the same time Miss Kitty also vanished. In late November Cream joined the missing. This left us with just Lightning and Haley. The 2 kittens stayed close to home and made it thru the cold winter that we had. They would stay under.. Read More

A kitten is missing for four days now

Our little Cloud is missing It has been 4 days now since we have seen our little kitten, Cloud. She was always the first to greet me when I came out to feed. And she was my shadow and would follow me everywhere. Mimi could love on her some, but it was my lap that she wanted to be in and get loving from me. Cloud was a feral kitten.. Read More

There is sadness in Kittendom today

Thunder died in our arms this morning Thunder was acting a little different last night at feeding time. She was lethargic and not eating much or drinking any water. When I went out this morning to feed, Thunder acted a little better, but she was still moving slow. About 11am we went out to have a loving session with the cats. Thunder just sat on a board and was acting.. Read More

Kittens first cool morning

Last Saturday was the first morning in the 40’s This last Saturday was the coolest morning since the kittens were born. The temperature was 49 at our place at about 6:45am. And we had decided to have our last yard sale of the year. I put out food for the kittens and cats and then proceeded to start setting up. After I got the tables set up, Mimi came out.. Read More

All is well in Kittendom

Our menagerie is doing fine Our two new inmates in our wacky world are doing OK. Both are getting used to being outside all of the time. They had been kept indoors during working hours and let out when Tom was home. So they miss the coolness of the house. And they miss the attention when they were in the house in the evening. We try to give them love.. Read More

The kittens are doing well, but I have been busy

All four of the kittens are doing well Thunder, Lightning, Haley and Cloud are all continuing to grow up. When you see them every day, it’s sometimes hard to tell just how much they have grown. But as you look back at earlier pictures and remember how they acted, it becomes easier to see their growth. All four have become teenage kittens and are getting more loving all the time… Read More

The kittens are improving daily

Thunder’s back and limp are improving There are no more ants on Thunder’s back. The sore on her back is scabbed over now and is getting smaller day by day. And her limp has almost disappeared since I popped the fire ant bite between two of the pads on her foot. Mimi is now the center of Thunder’s attention when we go out to play with the munchkins. I have.. Read More

Two kittens rehabing from their injuries

Cloud is doing better Our little Cloud is improving some. There is less of a limp when she walks. And today I found her up on top of one of our arbors with Lightning. The kittens like to sleep up there at night as it is cooler as well as safer. Most mornings I find at least one kitten stretching and waking up when I come out to feed them… Read More

Kitten has a lump on her back

Thunder has a growth on her back The other day we noticed that there was a small lump on Thunder’s back. It made the hair on her backĀ  stand up like she was getting ready to fight. It is soft and moves when we touch it, but it bothers her when it is touched. The lump doesn’t seem to keep her from moving around and playing, but she gets skittish.. Read More

Kittens get back to old routine

I had some computer problems yesterday and today, but I have them straightened out now. I will be writing a post about this at Geeky Grandpa’s Website Design in the next couple of days. Kittens have to get by with just us Since the grandsons have left, the kittens are starting to get used to being loved on just a couple of times a day. They do come quickly when.. Read More