Retired, On a Budget

Learning to live on Social (In)Security

A new schedule and focus – correction

Retired, on a budget will now be focusing more on the living on a budget. The gardening and preparation and survival articles will be handled more by Grumpy’s Rambles. But there will still be an occasional article here with links to Grumpy as needed. And Grumpy’s Rambles will link here as needed. There will be new articles here on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Cooking and recipes will still be on this.. Read More

Taking a 2 week hiatus

Due to the lack of viewers and followers for my blog articles, I will be taking at least a 2 week hiatus.     Why A Hiatus? The reason for the hiatus is the fact that none of my blog articles here have been viewed by more than 2-3 people other than myself. Considering that I spend anywhere from 2-6 hours of research, writing and editing for each article, that is not a very.. Read More

Making your own stock

Have you ever made your own stock to use for cooking? Was it successful? What types of stocks did you make? Making your own stock can be cheaper. It can also be healthier for you as you control the sodium, fat, etc. You season it up to your own taste and don’t have to settle for whatever your normal brand tastes like. Many believe that once you start making your.. Read More

Barbequing your meats

No matter how you spell it (barbeque, barbecue, Bar-B-Q, BBQ) hot smoking your meats is good tasting. And the meat of your choice can be smoked and cooked at the same time. Barbequing meat has been around for a long time, it used to known as hot smoking or cooking with smoke. No matter where you live, there is some form of barbequing that is popular, unless everybody is a.. Read More

Casseroles are great for freezing

Do you make casseroles for dinner? Do the recipes make too much for a single meal? What do you do with the leftovers? We make one casserole that can feed 8-10 people easily when served alone. Mimi’s family has nicknamed it the ’10 pound casserole’. because it seems to weigh that much. We make it at least once per month and then divide it up into 4-5 containers and freeze.. Read More

Choosing a smoker or outdoor grill

4-burner Gas grill with a side burner for pots. This one is avalable at Lowe's.

Summer is upon us and it’s time for picnics, both at home and in our favorite parks. So how are we going to cook our meats? One of the many types of smoker or a grill or hibachi or open fire? Are they going to be done at home? Or are we taking some type of cooker with us? Some types of cookers are very portable. Others are not so portable… Read More

Canning equipment

Your ready to start canning. Do you have the equipment or will you need to buy it? Have you ever canned before? has it been a long time since the last time and you want to brush up on your technique? The wife and I haven’t done any canning in about 17 years. The last time we did some canning, we had gotten a large batch of frozen fruit. And.. Read More

Dehydrators – Natural or Electric

Our Dehydrator with all 4 trays on it

Jerky. Who doesn’t like jerky? Jerky is nothing more than a spiced, dehydrated strip of beef. It can be made at home in dehydrators, which should be cheaper than buying it. Dehydrated or dried? Is there a difference? How can you make banana chips or dried apple slices? Are you ready to look into this form of preserving food?     Drying – The Natural Way To Preserve Food Drying.. Read More

Vacuum food sealers

Do you have a vacuum food sealer? Or have you ever thought about getting one? What should you look for? How is it used? Let’s explore the basics of what they are and how to use them.     What Are Vacuum Sealers? A vacuum sealer is a small unit that does exactly what its name says It seals articles in a vacuum. How does it do it? You put.. Read More

Farmer’s Markets for your fresh veggies

Are you lucky enough to have a garden that is producing more than you want? Or are you looking for more than your garden can produce? How about trying a local Farmer’s Market to either sell or buy? A Farmer’s Market can be a good place to buy produce that you don’t grow. But you need to know how to pick good fruits and vegetables by looking at them and.. Read More

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