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My apologies for not posting sooner

I realize that it has been a long time since I have posted in this or any of my other blogs. I apologize to those of you that may have been following my posts.   It seems that there was very little following going on according to the analytics. Since I was spending 2 or […]

Taking a 2 week hiatus

Because of a  lack of viewers that my blog articles have been (or not been) receiving, I will not be posting new articles for at least 2 weeks.     Main Reason For Hiatus The main reason for the leave of absence is the fact that not any of my 7 weekly blog articles are being viewed more […]

Is SEO being replaced?

IBSO (Intent Based Search Optimization) seems to be replacing SEO slowly but surely. It has been around for a few years, but it is just now starting to really become the latest way for ranking in search engines. With the changing of Google, et al, IBSO is the reason some sites have fallen in ranking. Google’s […]

Changes to the posting schedule

I am not getting a lot of viewing of the articles on this blog. The most I have had in one day is 8 about one month ago. The average is 4 or 5 on the day of the posting and the day after. Since I have been writing for 7 different blogs, I will […]

Use Sass to help with CSS

You have some understanding about CSS, but what is Sass? How can it help me write CSS faster? Do I need to learn it to write CSS? I will start with the basics of Sass and show you how it can make CSS easier.     What Is Sass And What Makes It So Important? Sass stands for Syntactically […]

Why it is necessary to learn JavaScript

Do I really need to learn JavaScript? Do I need to compile a JavaScript program to make it work? Is it really as fast as people say it is? I wrote an article about the differences between Java and JavaScript a few weeks ago. I will try to explain more about JavaScript to show its […]

Hacking, Is it be Good or Bad?

Are there actually good hackers? I thought that all hackers were bad. Today I will discuss the pros and cons of learning about hacking software.     Is Hacking Easy To Learn? Where Can I Learn It? The problem with answering these questions is what your concept of hacking is. Most people can find a piece […]

Check your site files frequently

Do you need to know all of the files on your website? How often should I check to see if an extra file or two has been added? What do I look for? I will try to answer the questions that you may have.     How Can I Possibly Know All The Files On […]

Security, what to do

You constantly hear about a site being hacked or compromised. How do you stop it? Can any site be 100% safe? My site was hacked. Now what do I do? I will try to explain some of the things that can be done to protect and/or repair your site.     What To Do First […]

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